Four Mile’s Real Ales

Our ales are brewed in the traditional English fashion, using only barley, wheat, hops and pure water. Our yeast is a centuries-old strain developed by monks in the north of the British Isles. Four Mile’s ales are brewed in accordance with ancient purity laws—no additives or preservatives!

Four Mile Brewery uses the Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System. This system is based on a philosophy is to make World Class Beers in a system rugged, reliable and easy to operate, clean and maintain. There are more than 100 Peter Austin Brewing Systems installed worldwide. The key to the success of the system has been its simplicity, making it much easier to learn and maintain than most other systems. All brew house, fermentation and conditioning tanks in the brewing system are fabricated to our specifications based on each projects individual needs. We are the only brewery in Western North America using the unique Peter Austin system.


Come to the brew pub or brewery to fill your growler 7 days a week with our great ales

Growler (1.89L)
Meowler (1L)
Coming soon we will be selling Bombers and Kegs!!

Four Mile Brewery proudly poured it’s first ale in February 2014! Introducing a Golden Ale, Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale, Best British & Strong Ale. More to come soon.

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